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Automatic PCB Stacker

Automatic PCB Stacker - Union Tool 15392

This automated machine stacks printed circuit board materials, with or without holes, as they exit processing machines or a conveyor line. The pictured machine is specifically for printed circuit boards, but the concept is easily adapted to other materials and applications.


Depending on your industry, you may call this a PCB stacker, an outfeed stacker, a board stacker, a vacuum staker, an edge-gripping stacker, an indexing stacker, or an indexed stacker.

Operational Description

The Union Automatic PC Stacker is specifically designed to stack printed circuit board materials, with or without holes, as they exit conveyorized processing equipment. The Automatic PC Stacker is capable of stacking printed circuit board materials ranging in size from 6" x 6" to 24" x 24", at a maximum speed of 15 cycles per minute, while maintaining a neat and uniform stack.

A built-in conveyor with pvc disc cams aligns and transports the printed circuit boards from the preceding equipment to a position under the vacuum head for pickup. Once the printed circuit board is in position, a photo cell signals a clutch to deactivate the conveyor rolls while at the same time activating the vacuum head to be lowered. The board is picked up by the outside edges to reduce the possibility of contamination on the main surface. Once vacuum is pulled and the board has been picked up, the conveyor is again activated. The horizontal cylinder then transports the raised board to a position over a built-in lift where the vacuum is released, allowing the board to fall a short distance between guides onto the lift. As each board is stacked, the lift automatically indexes down, maintaining a constant pass line height. This cycle repeats until a stack is complete, at which time the stack may be rolled out from the stacking area.

The Union Automatic PC Stacker is controlled by a programmable controller, which allows for interphasing of other equipment.

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