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Blister Pack / Skin Pack Coating System

Blister Pack Skin Pak Coating System - Union Tool 2019

An automated machine that applies liquid vinyl and heat sealing adhesive to card stock to make blister packs or skin packs for retail display hanger cards or other product packaging.


Depending on your industry, you may call this a blister pack machine, a blister pak sealer, a skin pak machine, a blister packer, a skin packer, or a blister / skin packer.

Operational Description

The Union Blister Pack / Skin Pack Coating System was developed to apply liquid vinyl and heatsealing adhesives to card stock and similar stock used in skin and blister packaging operations.

The complete line starts with a Union Roller Coater, which applies a coating material to the top surface of the stock. The amount of coating being applied is quickly and easily regulated to meet specific requirements. The speeds of the coater and conveyor are adjustable in a standard range from 50 to 150 l.f.p.m. Faster speeds can be attained by lengthening the conveyor and oven to suit.

Following the application of the coating material, a 30' belt-type conveyor moves the coated card stock through a 10-1/2' infrared oven and allows for a "cool-out" area which allows the user the opportunity to immediately stack the stock. The drive of the conveyor is separate from the coater and the variable speed control. This allows for maximum efficiency by having a planned gap between the stock being coated and the stock being conveyed.

Please note that the oven comes equipped with exhaust which is interlocked with the conveyor and oven, so the oven will not heat up unless the exhaust and conveyor are on.

Options such as a gravity feed tank, unifeed single handwheel doctor roll control, single handwheel top control, explosion-proof electricals and recirculating system are all available. Special features may also be incorporated as desired.

Various models of the line are available to handle stock in any width up to 60".