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Engineered Electrical Controls

Engineered Electrical Electronic Controls - Union Tool 20166

Engineered electrical and electronic controls are the brains behind automated processing machines like those you'll find here at Union Tool. They provide the accuracy, precision and repeatability that make these machines profitable and dependable.


Depending on your application, you may call this engineered electronics, electrical controls, machine interfaces, programmable controls, microprocessor controls, control circuits, controllers, motor controls, process control, control stations, production line controls, or - that darling of cyberscience lingo - human-machine interfaces.

Operational Description

The Union Tool Corporation offers complete electrical services including engineering, C.A.D. produced schematics, software/programming, and complete wiring and mounting of panels and control stations.

45 years of experience in providing electrical packages for our custom-built equipment allows us to offer the latest technology in electrical services.

The completely organized, pre-wired panel and control station shown was created by Union Tool. Using the customer's specifications, the latest technology in programmable controllers, motor controls, and electronic hardware were incorporated to achieve the required operation.

By utilizing our in-house C.A.D. system, wiring diagrams and logistic software can be printed to support the hardware. Our engineering staff is fully equipped to program new panels or debug problem panels.

From start to finish, or anything in between, let the electrical experts at Union Tool design or assist you with electrical interfacings!