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Hot Roll Laminator

Hot Roll Laminator - Union Tool 2213

Union Tool hot roll film laminators speed production line application of protective films to one or both sides of EPS foam cores. The programmable controller assures tight tolerances for both roll temperature and line speed. Processes foam cores up to 4' wide by 12' long.


Depending on your industry, you may call these foam core film laminators, hot film applicators, film-to-foam fusing units, or hot roll film laminators.

Operational Description

The Union Hot Roll Laminator was specifically designed to laminate a protective plastic film to one or both sides of EPS foam cores ranging in size up to 4' wide x 12' long.

The lamination is achieved by passing the foam and film through a set of heated teflon-coated rolls at the correct speed and temperature. This fuses the film to the top and/or bottom of the foam.

The Union HRL incorporates many unique features such as top and bottom unwind stations, hot oil recirculation system, teflon-coated laminating rolls, top roll air cylinders, digital temperature and roll adjustment readouts, AC variable frequency drive, and AB programmable controller.

The unwinds utilize quick change chucks and air brakes to ensure proper tension on the film as it is being laminated to the EPS. Both unwinds may also be adjusted horizontally by a single handwheel to assist in alignment between the film and the EPS.

A self-contained hot oil recirculation system is mounted within the framework of the machine. This unit heats and transfers the oil through the special design of the laminating rolls. The rolls are 12.75" in diameter and will maintain a roll surface temperature within two degrees from end to end. This temperature is adjustable up to 400 degrees F. The upper laminating roll is adjustable in relationship to the bottom roll in a range from 0" to 4".

Safety devices such as electrically interlocked guards, overtemp controller and reversing cable are standard features of this machine.

The Union HRL can be used in conjunction with film adhesive as well as precoated webs to activate adhesive for a variety of laminations.