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Double-Sided Roller Coater for Web-Fed Plastic Packaging Material in Automated Thermoforming Lines

Double-Sided Roller Coater for Web-Fed Plastic Packaing Material in Automated Thermoforming Lines

This Union Roller Coater is specifically designed to apply a silicone, anti-fog, or anti static coating to one or both sides of plastic packaging materials in a thermoforming process. This coater includes the Unwind stand which holds and feeds out the plastic web controlled by a variable speed motor that changes speed from the direction of a loop control dancer arm.


In the packaging industry, you may hear this called a web-fed roller coater, a roll-feed coater, a plastic web coater, a web-feed double-sided roll coater, a silicone coater for web-fed plastic, a plastic web unwinder and coater, an anti-fog / anti-static roller coater, or an automated double-sided in-feed web coater. Whatever you call it, this machine draws web-feed (or roll-fed) plastic material from an integrated un-winder, coats it single or double-sided, then feeds it into a thermoforming press line.

Operational Description

The coater is a double coater that has the ability to apply a streak free coating that is consistent and controllable.

The coater is also powered by a variable speed motor that changes speed with the cycle of the forming equipment. Should the web stop, the coater and the unwind would also stop.

Other features of the coater include coating pump system, single hand wheel controls, indicator readouts on the adjustments, air cylinder opening and safety interlocks on guards.

Union Tool also manufactures this type machine to work in an extrusion process applying the various type coatings.