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Reverse Glass Roller Coater

Reverse Glass Roller Coater - Union Tool 16660

A roller coater especially designed to apply paint and other coatings to glass plates and panels. While there are many applications for processing glass sheets in this manner, this particular machine is used in the creation of spandrel glass panels for buildings and architecture.

Roll Configuration

In the Model C-rev Single Reverse Action Top Coater Roll Configuration, the liquid coating for the top surface is held in the trough between the top coating roll and its companion doctor roll. In this configuration, however, the top coating roll is rotating against the direction of substrate movement; this is the "reverse coating action" that results in a very smooth and even coating, which is especially desired in coating glass and similar substrates. The bottom roller simply drives the substrate through the machine.


This may be called a glass coater, spandrel glass roller coater, glass paint applicator, roll coater for glass, glass painter, and glass paint coater.

Operational Description

The Union heavy duty Series #45, Model C, Reverse Glass Roller Coater is specifically designed for the application of paint to the top surface of glass substrates for the production of spandrel glass.

Although roller coating glass is not new to The Union Tool Corporation, the use of a roller coater to apply the paint for spandrel glass has been refined by Union Tool and is making an impact on the architectural glass industry. By utilizing our experience in designing and fabricating roller coating equipment, we have designed a method of roller coating glass that has many advantages over other methods of applying paint to glass, such as spray, curtain coater, silk screen and even other roller coaters.

The Reverse Glass Roller Coater incorporates an 8-3/4" diameter rubber-covered coating roll, which works in conjunction with a 6-1/2" diameter chrome-plated doctor roll and an 8-3/4" diameter rubbercovered backup roll. As with all Union Roller Coaters, the doctor roll is adjustable in relationship to the coating roll, thus regulating the amount of paint being applied to the top surface of the glass. To ensure a smooth coating, reverse coating is used. This reverse action is illustrated by the inset drawing. Reverse roller coating as well as the durometer and grinding of the coating roll are critical to this application.

Other features of this machine include the powered conveyors, which transport the glass to and away from the coating assembly, explosion-proof motor and electricals, variable speed drive, and precision control of all roll adjustments.

Some of the advantages of the Union Reverse Glass Roller Coater are:

  1. Minimal amount of paint needed for start up of the Roller Coater
  2. Ability to leave the edges of the glass clean (both sides, leading and back edge)
  3. Smoother coat with fewer striations
  4. A maximum of 15 minutes cleanup time
  5. Less waste of paint during operation and at cleanup time
  6. Ease of changeover from one color to another
  7. The speed of the Coater may be synchronized with the corresponding curing ovens