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Roll Coater - Flash-Off Dryer

Roll Coater Lubricator Flash-Off Dryer - Union Tool 16512

A metal blank lubricant roll coater with integrated flash off dryer ovens (top and bottom). Lubricates and dries metal blanks prior to drawing or stamping operations. The flash-off dryer ovens combine infrared heat and moving air to flash dry the coated blanks; variable heat.

In the Model B Double Coater Roll Configuration, the liquid coating for the top surface is held in the trough between the top coating roller and its companion doctor roll; the liquid coating for the bottom surface is held in a pan in which the bottom coating roll and its companion doctor roll both run.


Metal formers and stampers call this machine a metal blank lubricator-dryer, a lubrication roller coater, drawing compound applicator, roll coater with flash-off dryer, lubrication applicator and flash off dryer, and blank coater.

Operational Description

The Union Tool Corporation has combined a roll coater with a flash-off dryer to lubricate and dry blanks prior to drawing or stamping operations. This unit combines a Union Series #15 Model B 26" Roll Coater with a wire mesh belt conveyor and top and bottom flash-off ovens. This particular unit is designed to be portable and has an outside dimension of approximately 4' x 8'.

By incorporating Union standard size roll coaters of 14", 26", 38", 50", 62", and up with a metal mesh conveyor and drying unit, a complete coating system is achieved and can be installed as a permanent or mobile operation. The roll coater is equipped with variable-speed drive, automatic recirculating system and the ability to coat either or both sides in a single pass.

The flash-off oven features both infrared heat and air movement to completely dry both sides of the blank in a fairly short distance. The heat is variable up to 250 degrees F (»120°C).

The coater pictured is available for in-plant demonstrations within the Midwest region of the USA, allowing you the opportunity to test out different lubricants as well as view first hand the advantage of Union roll coaters in your production processes.