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Hot Melt Roller Coater/Laminator (16113)

Hot melt roller coater/laminator

Union Tool has designed a machine that combines a Hot Melt Roller Coater, Unwind Station, and Rotary Laminator all within the same framework. This machine will apply a controlled and consistent amount of PUR hot melt adhesive to the top surface of EPS Foam panels after which a kraft paper is laminated to the coated surface of the foam.

Both the Coater and Laminator have motorized vertical adjustment so the thickness of foam can vary from 0 to 6”. The upper Unwind Station includes an air brake for tension which will eliminate any chance of paper wrinkles. An automatic Edge Guide System has been included to insure edge to edge lamination of the paper to the foam.

Other features include: A.C. Variable speed drive, PLC controller, 7 day timer, automatic adhesive level control, and safety interlocks.