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Hot Melt Roller Coater/Laminator for the Automotive Industry (16195)

Hot melt roller coater/laminator

Union Tool has combined a Hot Melt Roller Coater, Unwind Stand, Rotary Laminator, and Automatic Cutoff to produce a laminated truck cover for the Automotive Industry.

A formed composite blank is fed into the Hot Melt Roller Coater which applies a controlled and consistent amount of EVA type of hot melt adhesive to the top surface. The coated blank goes direct into the Rotary Laminator that has an Unwind Stand mounted on the top frame. This Unwind Stand holds the fabric used to cover the coated blank and rolls the fabric onto the blank as it travels through the laminator. As the laminated blank exits the Rotary Laminator an Encoder measures the fabric and will automatically cut the fabric at the proper length. This machine can produce up to six (6) laminated panels per minute.