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Feeders/Movers - Infeed/Outfeed Combination Machine

Roller Coater with Return Feed Conveyor

Roller Coater with Return Feed Conveyor - Infeed Position Infeed Position...

Roller Coater with Return Feed Conveyor - Outfeed Return Position ...Outfeed Return Position

A roller coater designed for a single operator. One person can handle both infeed and outfeed, thanks to a unique slanted conveyor that accepts the work piece as it is fed through the roll coater, then drops down to return the finished piece to the operator and retracts to the start position to accept the next piece.


This is known as a one-man roller coater, one-operator roll coater, return feed conveyor roller coater, return feed roll coater, auto-return conveyor, feed-and-return roller coater, and single operator coating station.

Operational Description

This combination roller coater and return feed conveyor was designed and developed to eliminate labor in the application of various coating materials to flat surfaces.

The operator feeds the stock through the coater at station #1. The stock proceeds through the coater onto a skate wheel conveyor to activate a proximity switch shown as station #2. The switch activates an air cylinder to lower the conveyor section to the level of the return section shown as station #3. A small section of station #3 is powered to ensure feed through to the unloading position shown at station #4.

This return feed conveyor can be adapted to any new Union roller coater.

This return feed conveyor completely eliminates offbearing labor, saving the customer money, and will pay for itself in a matter of just a few months.