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Roller Coater Series 15

Roller Coater Series 15 - Union Tool 2037

A roller coater for the application of paints, drawing compounds, lubricants, adhesives and similar coatings to metal sheets, wood panels, and other flat surfaces up to 62" wide. Both single-sided and double-sided models are available, as either stand-alone or in-line units with infeed and offbearing conveyors.


Roller coater, adhesive spreader, roll coater, lubricator, panel coater, paint applicator, sheet coater, glue spreader, and coating machine.

Operational Description

The coating roll diameter is 6.5"; doctor roll diameter is 4.375". All rolls are mounted in self-aligning bearings; these bearings are sealed for life and do not require any lubrication. Standard machines are available with neoprenecovered, thiokol-covered or chrome-plated steel coating rolls. All rolls are springloaded. The material thickness adjustment is from 0" to 4". The Series #15 Roller Coater is available in roll widths of 26", 38", 50" and 62", both in single and double coating models.

The frame is constructed of welded tubular steel to ensure rigidity throughout its lifetime. The drives, sprockets and chains are completely shielded from the trough of the rolls to eliminate any contamination of the driving mechanism. The motor, gear reducer and variable speed drive are mounted on the inside of the frame to save valuable space as well as offer protection against impact with forklift trucks. The unit is very simple in design which makes it easy to clean. This type of construction allows for fast removal of the rolls.

Standard equipment includes 1/2 H.P. dual-voltage motor and 110 volt controls, any single speed, infeeding support table and offbearing pick-off fingers.

Optional equipment includes variable speed drive, pumping unit, recirculating pumping system, casters, explosion-proof electricals, infeed and offbearing conveyors, and safety control.