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Rotary Laminator for Metal Gasket Flattening

Rotary Laminator for Metal Gasket Flattening - Union Tool 18157

A rotary laminator to flatten metal gasket edges.


Gasket flattener, gasketing rotary laminator, metal gasket edge flattener

Operational Description

The Union Rotary Laminator is used to flatten edges of metal gaskets to withstand strict tolerances. By presetting the upper roll adjustment for each thickness of gasket being run, the flattened gaskets remain consistent part after part. The machine incorporates a powered infeed conveyor, where the gaskets fall directly from a forming press. The gaskets are transported up an incline and fed into the pinch rolls. Both the pinch roll and the conveyor are powered off the same motor. The upper roll is adjustable on a vertical plane by a single handwheel with a visual readout of the top roll position. The machine is mounted on casters so it may be moved from press to press quickly and easily.