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Movers - Infeed/Outfeed Combination Machine

Series #5, Model C, Roller Coater

PCB Roller Coater

This roller coater is for in-line application of paints, drawings compounds, lubricants, adhesives, and similar coatings to the top surface only of flat substrates. These substrates can include metal sheets, wood panels, fiber board, plastic sheets, glass, foam, and many other flat surface materials. The coater incorporates an infeed conveyor section in which assists an operator feeding materials into the roller coater.

In the Model C Single Top Coater Roll Configuration, the liquid coating for the top surface is held in the trough between the top coating roller and its companion doctor roll; the bottom roller simply assists in feeding the substrate through the machine.


Roller coater, adhesive spreader, roll coater, lubricator, panel coater, paint applicator, sheet coater, glue spreader, and coating machine.

Operational Description

The Union Series #5, Model C Roller Coater is specifically designed to apply a smooth, even, and controllable amount of coating material to the top side only of various flat substrates. The amount of coating material being applied is controlled by the position of the doctor roll in relationship to the coating roll. This position is easily regulated by the use of our unifeed handwheel adjustment. The unifeed handwheel adjustment provides the ability to apply a very light coating or a very heavy coating.

Several other special features are incorporated into a Union Series #5, Model C Roller Coater to allow the machine to perform the critical application of an accurate and consistent coating. An infeed conveyor permits the Roller Coater to be placed directly in a production line and will assist an operator in feeding panels. The conveyor is powered by the same motor that powers the rolls, so line speeds are always maintained and synchronized.


Series #5, Model C, Roller Coater
ROLLER SIZE Coating roll: 4" diameter
Doctor roll: 2.75" diameter
Backup roll: 4" diameter
Coating: Silicone, EPDM, Nitrile, Mechanical Neoprene, Chrome
Doctor: Smooth Ground Steel, Chrome, EPDM
Backup: Smooth Ground Steel, Mechanical Neoprene, Chrome
ROLLER ADJUSTMENTS Top: single handwheel for vertical adjustment Doctor rolls: unifeed adjustment. Both with dial indicators
AC variable speed motor with 110 volt controls
CONVEYOR Belt Type: Teflon, Nitrile, PVC, SBR Rubber, ect.
Length: Built to customer specs
Width: Built to customer specs
Variable from 10 to 30 l.f.p.m.
Protective guards, drive chain covers and reversing switch
UPGRADE OPTIONS Pumping system with stainless steel tanks, level tech device for pumping coating material automatically, Independent doctor roll drive
OTHER UPGRADE OPTIONS Contact Union Tool Corporation
ALTERNATIVE EQUIPMENT Union Series Model A, Double Sided Roller Coater