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Steel Strip Reverse Roll Coater

Steel Strip Reverse Roll Coater

This dual-head reverse roll coater is designed to apply an extremely smooth, controllable, pinhole-free application of UV and other coatings to one or both sides of steel strips.


Depending on your industry, you may call this a UV roller coater, strip coater, UV reverse roll coater, steel strip roll coater, or a dual-head roll coater for application of UV coatings. Whatever you call it, if you need to coat steel strips on one or both sides at once, this is your machine.

Operational Description

This coater was specifically designed to apply a UV coating to one or both sides of a steel strip. The individual strips are guided through the coating heads by non-powered pulleys that allow each strip to run at a different speed, if needed.

Air cylinders allow the strips to move in and out of contact with the steel coating rolls. The coating heads (coating rolls and doctor rolls) are positioned to allow for reverse coating of the strips. This produces a smooth, controllable, pinhole-free application of the UV protective coating.

In order to control the amount of coating being applied, the rubber-covered doctor rolls are adjustable in relationship to the coating rolls. The single handwheel adjustments are equipped with digital indicators and air cylinders. The air cylinders automatically move the doctor rolls into and out of coating position. The doctor rolls can be adjusted to pre-set coating positions, eliminating the need for operator setup for day-to-day operation.

The two coating heads are independently driven and are tied into speeds of the existing unwinds and rewinds through the AC-variable speed control cards.

The strip reverse coater pumps the coating material from a sump tank through stainless steel plumbing to the coating heads. The excess coating material is returned to the sump tank to complete the recirculation cycle.