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Union Multi-Nip Rotary Laminator with Unwind Stand

Union Tool multi-nip rotary laminator with unwind stand

The picture illustrates a Union Series #15, 54” Multi-Nip Rotary Laminator with Unwind Stand. This multi nip rotary laminator is a 3-nip roll machine – meaning that the substrates sent through will be nipped three times within the framework of the machine. Included with this multi nip rotary laminator is an unwind stand that is mounted directly above the lamination rolls. This unwind stand holds a roll of material used to laminate directly onto the coated substrate as the substrate is sent through. Included with this unwind stand is an air brake system, unwind shaft, core holders, and single handwheel control for side-to-side adjustment.


Rotary laminator, pinch roll laminator, substrate lamination machine.

Operational Description

This Multi- Nip Rotary Laminator machine incorporates six (6) - 6 ½” diameter rolls which have a 1” rubber covering.  The first top and bottom lamination rolls are chain driven, as well as, all of the other bottom lamination rolls through a 1 HP variable speed motor. The 2nd and 3rd upper lamination rolls are idlers. The upper rolls are adjustable in relationship to the bottom rolls in a range of from 0” to 4”.  A single handwheel raises or lowers mechanical stops located on each end of the machine.  Air cylinders attached to the upper rolls lowers the upper rolls against these mechanical stops so that an accurate gap setting can be made.  A mechanical digital indicator readout allows the operator an exact measurement of the gap setting.

The 6” diameter air cylinders will provide an adjustable amount of laminating pressure up to a maximum of 2,800 lbs. of pressure per cylinder at 100 psi.  This relates to 105 lbs. of line contact pressure per linear inch of a 54” wide machine.

The raising and lowering of the upper rolls are controlled by a selector switch on push-button station mounted to the machine.  The machine is complete with a disconnect box. The standard voltage is 240/480 volt, 3 phase.  The mounting location of the push-button controls and gap adjustment wheel can be specified by the customer.

A safety cable wrapped around the perimeter of the machine will automatically stop the revolving rolls and fully raise the top rolls when activated.

Other features that may be added to this machine include infeed and/or outfeed conveyors as well as sheet stackers.

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