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Union Automatic Feeder/Roller Coater

Automatic steel sheet de-stacker and feeder.

Operational Description

Designed to destack and feed aluminum round blanks into a Roller Coater and apply lubricant to both sides. The Feeder uses a hydraulic lift table to maintain a feeding pass line height. A vacuum head lowers the vacuum cups to the top blank. Small air cylinders on each cup allow them to rise at different times to flex the blank for single blank feeding. A “thumper” cylinder rapidly taps the blank to insure only one is fed into the coater.

The lubricant roller coater features “Deburring” rolls in front to flatten the blank edges before being coated, prolonging the life of the rubber coating rolls. A controlled and consistent amount of lubricant is applied. The operator places the coated blank into the press, starting the next feed cycle.