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Belt Transfer Conveyor

Union Tool Belt Transfer Conveyor

A powered belt conveyor to transfer different flat substrate materials from one processing system to another.


Depending on your industry, you may call machines of this type a belt transfer conveyor, a straight belt conveyor, a powered belt conveyor, a flat belt driven conveyor, or powered belt over roller conveyor.

Operational Description

The Union Belt Transfer Conveyor is designed to transfer flat substrate materials from one processing system to another with ease. Depending on the customers application, many times this type of conveyor is incorporated after materials have been laminated and are then transported to a stacking area or another inline manufacturing process.

The frame is constructed of heavy wall welded tubular steel. The type of conveyor belt material used is dependent upon the application and substrate material being transferred. In many cases, Teflon, Nitrile, PVC, SBR Rubber belts are used and can include different pattern textures and durometers. This conveyor is powered by a fractional horsepower AC motor with speeds variable from 30-100 L.F.P.M. The overall width and length of the conveyor is all determined by each customer’s specific needs.

10' Union Tool powered transfer belt conveyor with Teflon belt. 

Pictured above is a 10’ Union Powered Transfer Belt Conveyor – Belt Type: Teflon